Our Impact

Working Locally

  • School Drives – Students learn that they are capable of working together to help others.  Though they are young, they have the intelligence, energy, creativity and compassion necessary to make a difference in the world.
  • Education - Local students learn about the problems that plague students in South Africa, including HIV/AIDS,  poverty, and limited educational resources.  Awareness is the first step to caring and responsibility. 

Acting Globally

  • Distribution of Supplies – From the hands of children in Washington to the hands of learners in South Africa, the Generation Joy Foundation delivers the supplies collected in their school drives on an annual basis. 

  • BAOBAB Fund – A scholarship fund for promising students in rural South African schools who show an eagerness for learning and dedication to completing their education.  

  • Travel Program – An opportunity for students and volunteers to take their commitment one step further and to see how the work they do locally impacts learners globally.  Travelers return with inspirational stories to share with their school and community.
  • Partner Schools – Building long-term relationships between local and South African schools and programs to improve and rebuild from the foundation up. The slideshow below shows before and after photos of Camanga; the school Generation Joy has adopted.  With donations from supporters, we purchased new uniforms for all the students and did exterior improvements. The work will continue in years to come with teacher training and the purchase of classroom supplies and equipment. 

What a difference some paint makes when applied with love!

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