Baobab Fund

What is it?

The Baobab Fund supports promising students in South Africa who show special dedication and great potential for a bright future. Scholarships are awarded to students with excellent attendance records and good marks, and to those who demonstrate a strong work ethic. In other words, those who are already committed to improving their futures. 

What will the Scholarship provide?

The scholarships will pay for the tuition, books, uniforms, sports fees, vision and hearing tests, insurance, etc. needed to attend the Underberg School.  Baobab scholars will be monitored to ensure that they continue to meet the criteria for their acceptance into the program. These criteria include but are not limited to attendance, grades, attitude, and behavior.

How much does it cost to support a student for one year?

This depends on the student's living situation.  If the student needs room and board at the school, it can cost up to $3000 each year to support that child. 


Meet our Baobab students



Samkelo (left) is in grade 4. Her grandmother works at nearby Clouds of Hope Orphanage as a "House Mom".

Nosipho (center) is in grade 5 and has been on scholarship for four years. When she first came to the Underberg School, she spoke little English and struggled with her studies. She has worked very hard and is now is an excellent student.

Nontethelelo (right) is in grade 2 and is being raised by her grandfather who is very grateful for the support of Generation Joy.



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