Issaquah School District & Surrounding Area

Not only do these schools support Generation Joy by having their own drives and donating supplies, but the students learn a valuable lesson about their own ability to make a difference in the world.  While they come together as a community to help kids in South Africa, they learn about leadership, teamwork, and global responsibility.  We believe that this experience follows them wherever they go. 


  • Beaver Lake Middle School

  • Skyline High School

  • Challenger Elementary School

  • Clark Elementary School

  • Endeavour Elementary School

  • Cascade Ridge Elementary School

  • Tiger Mountain High School
  • Pacific Cascade Campus
  • Newcastle Elementary School


  • Sammamish Childrens' School


  • St. Louise Elementary School

  • Interlake High School

  • Phantom Lake Elementary School


  • Nathan Hale High School


  • Washington State University

Boise, Idaho

  • Anser Charter School

Gainsville, Florida

  • University of Florida



Students work after school to box shoes for South African children.

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