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Vukuzakhe Projects   "Arise and Build Yourself"

We are often asked "How do you know where to go and which schools and communities need help?"  Because Vukuzakhe is based in the South African community in which we work, we are confident that your donations are being wisely invested in the future of very deserving students and their families.  The founders and volunteers at Vukuzakhe have backgrounds in education, psychology and social welfare, and are committed to working with motivated students, families, schools and communities. 

Education in rural South Africa has been neglected over a long period of time and the low level of schooling is perpetuated by poverty.  Vukuzakhe Projects offer effective programs to address this situation through education and skills development. Trained facilitators bring educational programs to farm families who would otherwise have no chance of breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

  • Vukuzakhe and Generation Joy work together to deliver and distribute the educational materials, books, toys, sports equipment, computers, shoes and clothing collected by students and their families in our community.

  • We partner with Vukuzakhe Projects by providing educational materials and books, and incentives for the children in after-school programs.
  • We also provide reading and writing materials for adults in the community who are participating in literacy groups.  Children and their families are more dedicated to education when the whole family is part of the process. 
  • Comfort items, clothing, infant items and basic medical and hygiene supplies are also collected and delivered to students and their families.  Children are more likely to attend and stay in school when the well being of the whole family is looked after.  


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